The B&B “Lou Bià” lays in Maira Valley, in the region of Cuneo, Piedmont, along the “Occitan walks” and the hiking trail “GTA” (Grande Traversata delle Alpi). Here, Nature still plays a relevant role in people’s lives and influences the daily activities.

“Lou Bià” is also an organic-oriented farm. We produce fruits and vegetables in accordance with the altitude: 1.400 meter above sea level.

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Set amidst the Maira Valley, the B&B “Lou Bià” is surrounded by the Cottian Alps peaks, luxuriant forests and green valleys. This is the perfect environment for sport activities: climbing, Ski Touring, Cross-country skiing, Mountain Bike, Trekking and snowshoeing.

The original family stone house has been renewed and now offers four comfortable bedrooms with private bath. The use of natural materials and antique techniques of renovation has contributed not to alter its original structure and atmosphere.

The Farm aims to bring together People and Nature, renew the original ties, recover the manual ability and discover the natural materials such as wood, stone and plants, through courses and classes with different levels of difficulty.

Websites, photos, videos, publications: the Maira Valley has never been so famous thanks to the people who lived the area and carved out their place in the valley’s history, leaving behind legacies, traditions, recipes, paintings…